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Orlando Alimony Lawyers

The Orlando alimony lawyer at Timothy W. Terry: Attorney at Law can help you determine whether you are entitled to receive spousal support and determine whether you may be entitled to pay spousal support. Alimony can be one of the most contested aspects of a divorce. Unlike child support, where families can turn to Florida child support guidelines to determine what should be paid, there is no clear guideline for alimony in Florida. Florida alimony is determined based on each individual case. Alimony is designed to ensure that a lower-earning spouse can maintain a standard of living after the marriage, similar to the standard of living enjoyed during the marriage. The amount of alimony paid can depend on many factors including the length of the marriage, the age of both partners, the income of each partner, the level of education and job prospects of each partner, and whether one partner made sacrifices of career or education to support the other partner in his or her career or to raise children.

If you have questions about alimony and your divorce, the Orlando, Florida alimony lawyer at Timothy W. Terry: Attorney at Law is here to help. Our alimony attorney can review the specific details about your marriage and income, and help you understand what may be possible. We are here to help you reach a fair divorce settlement so you can move forward with your life.

Types of Alimony in Florida

There are four main types of alimony in Florida. The type of alimony award you’ll receive will depend on many factors. An Orlando alimony lawyer at Timothy W. Terry: Attorney at Law can look closely at your unique situation and help you understand which kind of alimony award might be supported under Florida law. Here are the four different types of alimony:

  • Bridge-the-Gap Alimony. Bridge-the-gap alimony is temporary alimony designed to give a spouse the financial cushion he or she needs to adjust to single life. This alimony amount is usually only paid for the period of time deemed reasonable for the spouse to get a new job or for the family home to be sold.
  • Rehabilitative Alimony. If one spouse sacrificed his or her career to raise children or to support a partner in his or her career, rehabilitative alimony may cover the costs of education and training to help a spouse get on his or her feet. This alimony is only paid for a limited period of time and the spouse receiving alimony will typically outline how the rehabilitative alimony will be spent to achieve his or her goals.
  • Durational Alimony. Depending on how long you were married, durational alimony may be paid for a short or long period of time. Durational alimony is designed to help a spouse with economic support for a limited period of time.
  • Permanent Alimony. This is alimony that must be paid for the remainder of the partner’s life. In general, permanent alimony is awarded after a longer marriage, though there may be special circumstances where permanent alimony might be awarded after a shorter marriage.

Alimony is generally determined based upon the length of the marriage, the age of each partner, and the education and financial resources each partner has. Every alimony case is unique. The Orlando alimony lawyer at Timothy W. Terry: Attorney at Law can help you understand your options given your unique circumstances.

How an Orlando Spousal Support Lawyer Can Help You

Are you concerned about how you might be affected by Florida spousal support laws? Alimony in Florida can vary because judges assess alimony based on a variety of different factors that have to do with the specific details of your marriage. Talking with an experienced lawyer can help you determine how much you may need to pay, avoid paying too much, or receive money to help you meet expenses. At the Orlando, Florida, office of Timothy W. Terry, Attorney at Law, we work with clients to make sure they understand Florida alimony law. Contact us today at 407-495-2399 for a confidential consultation.

Requesting Alimony? Choose A Spousal Support Lawyer in Orlando Who is Prepared to Litigate

Many divorce cases don’t need to go to court. Each spouse’s lawyer can often inform each person about their rights and offer some general guidelines about the alimony that may be ordered should the couple go to court. With this information, spouses are generally able to reach a negotiation on an alimony amount that they find fair. But sometimes, challenges can arise. Disputes about a prenuptial agreement, disputes about the financial resources each partner has (like hidden assets), and other questions can lead to litigation.

We are always prepared to litigate, but we don’t file the case until we prepare you for what comes next. There are things you need to know about the court system, about Florida law, and about how the court will look at your case. We help you present your story in front of a judge, assisting you in presenting your situation in the best possible light. We let you know what to expect from the moment you contact us until the after the judge writes a final order.

We take time to help you complete your financial affidavit. This is critical to your success. When you go to court to request spousal support, the judge will most likely examine your financial affidavit and assess your situation. If the affidavit is not correct, does not include expenses, or is inflated, you might not get the compensation you deserve. This is the kind of attention to detail that makes us strong advocates for your family law needs. Contact our Orlando, Florida, law office today at 407-495-2399.


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