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Evening/Weekend Appointments Available

Out Of State Parent Rights Attorney in Orlando

Florida Child Custody Time Sharing Lawyer

When parents live in two different states, the out-of-state parent may feel his or her parental rights have diminished significantly. Whether you have relocated to another state away from your child or the other parent has moved with your child to another state, we can help you understand and protect your rights under Florida law.

An initial consultation is available to you at no charge.

E-mail or call us at 407-495-2399 to discuss issues of relocation, parental kidnapping and an out-of-state parent’s rights. From our office in Orlando, Timothy W. Terry, Attorney at Law, is available to serve clients in the central Florida region as well as out-of-state clients with a family law case here in Florida.

Whether a child is being raised by parents living in the same home, separate homes or separate states, it is important for the child to have a continuing, meaningful relationship with each parent. However, when a parent is living in a different state than the child, extra care may be necessary to maintain that relationship. Our law firm understands the value of the parent-child bond and we are committed to helping clients develop solutions to maintain that relationship and their rights as a parent.

We work closely with clients to address various concerns related to out-of-state parent’s rights, such as:

  • Were Florida relocation procedures followed properly or are there issues of parental kidnapping?
  • If a parent is planning to move out of state, what procedures are necessary?
  • How will the parents continue to share in parental responsibility from separate states?
  • What changes will be necessary to the existing time sharing schedule?
  • Should the existing support be modified to reflect the amended time sharing schedule or to address the added expenses for travel?

In over 30 years of helping families overcome the challenges of divorce, co-parenting and other family law issues, we have the knowledge and acquired skill to manage such delicate issues with sensitivity, compassion and professionalism.

We negotiate modifications to the existing shared parenting plan to ensure that the out-of-state parent’s rights are protected. You deserve a lawyer who is concerned about your needs and who will work hard to see that your goals are met. You can count on that kind of service from our law firm.

To talk to an attorney about your situation, e-mail us or call 407-495-2399 to schedule your free initial consultation.


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