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Orlando Child Support Lawyers

The Orlando, Florida child support attorney at Timothy W. Terry: Attorney at Law can assist you if you are going through a divorce or separation and need help understanding your rights regarding child support. If you are not married to the father or mother of your child and do not live with him or her, it may also be appropriate to seek child support. Under Florida law, both parents have a responsibility to financially support their children. The amount of child support owed will depend on how much time the children spend with each parent, both parents’ financial resources, and the standard of living the children enjoyed during the marriage. Parents may also independently include other figures into their child support settlement. While these amounts may not be required by law, they may help both parents equally support the children into college and beyond. In high-income divorce, child support may also include aspects of estate and inheritance planning. Sometimes child support guidelines may not take into account all of a child’s needs. Many couples choose to include their own child support settlement in their shared custody plan. This child support settlement may include other amounts that might not always be covered by typical guidelines, including college expenses, additional activity fees, private school funds, or other special needs.

After a divorce, a child has a right to receive a certain amount of financial support. Child support can sometimes be a challenging question in every divorce, especially if one parent doesn’t want to pay it. It cannot be waived by either side because it is based on child support guidelines established in a state statute. You can use a child support calculator to estimate how much child support might be owed or how much you might be entitled to receive.

Child support is often included in a shared parenting plan. If you are getting divorced, you will need to have a shared parenting plan in order for your divorce to be finalized. If you will not be living with the father of your child, it may also be wise to put a shared parenting plan into place.

At the office of Timothy W. Terry, Attorney at Law, our goal is to look closely at the factors involved to see that the child support amount is fair and accurate. Whether you are seeking a divorce or marital separation or your situation requires a paternity test, we will obtain the best outcome for you and your child. Contact Timothy W. Terry: Attorney at Law, a child support lawyer in Orlando, Florida today to learn more about how we may be able to assist you with your shared parenting plan and child support.

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Child Support Guidelines in Florida

For the most part, child support is very clear. It is based primarily on the incomes of both parents. Sometimes, it can become complicated for a number of reasons. Incomes may be hidden, or one parent may be self-employed, making the income unclear. When income is disputed, we will take great care to see that all of the facts come to light. We want results that are fair.

Sometimes this might mean hiring a forensic accountant or financial investigator. Sometimes this might mean seeking a business valuation. If you have questions about your former spouse’s assets or income, the child support lawyer in Orlando, Florida at Timothy W. Terry: Attorney at Law may be able to help you.

Paternity and Child Support in Orlando, Florida


In order to receive child support, you’ll need to establish paternity. In many cases, both partners agree about who is the father of the child. In some cases, paternity may be questioned. If your child’s father is questioning paternity, you may have to petition the court to establish paternity. This may require the ordering of a genetic test to establish paternity. The benefit of establishing paternity is that once paternity is established, child support can be sought. Paternity also grants the father legal rights as the parent of the child, including visitation rights, custody, and legal decision-making. If you are having difficulty getting child support from your child’s father because paternity has not been established, the Orlando, Florida child support lawyer at Timothy W. Terry: Attorney at Law may be able to help you.


Enforcing Child Support in Orlando, Florida


If your ex refuses to pay child support, you have legal rights. You can petition the court to require that your ex pay child support and even have his or her wages garnished. The Orlando, Florida child support lawyer at Timothy W. Terry: Attorney at Law can help you enforce your child support order by negotiating with your ex, or by taking your ex to court.

Our Commitment to You

As your family law firm, we will take the time to educate you about the way that child support is calculated. We will skillfully oversee the calculation to see that all factors are taken into account. We will help you achieve an outcome that is right for you and your child.

We are a law firm with more than 30 years of experience. That experience means that we have done this many times. More importantly, we have done this successfully many times. Our record of success is demonstrated by the number of people who have been satisfied with the results we have achieved. They have shown their satisfaction by referring friends and family members to us in times of need. Let us show you the level of representation we have built our reputation on.

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